The Troubleshooter: Jetting strings in your moldings? Consider your gate.


Not that long ago I received a small package before lunch from the driver of the big brown truck. What I found in the little box was so interesting I just couldn't wait to talk about it.

The contents of the box turned out to be handles for a screwdriver. I could see one part had been completely filled out during molding, and a second part just like it but full of jetting strings or ropes.

I did not find a note in the box but then I usually do not see a note; I just wait for a call from the molder or toolmaker who is looking for an answer to solve his problem.

The part was approximately 4 inches long, ¾ of an inch wide and a ½ inch thick. The runner was a ¼ inch diameter full-round design. The sprue dimensions were .175 where it attached to the single main runner, with a sprue "O" diameter of .110 inch. The nozzle orifice measured .090 inch....
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