The Perfect Game — Increase Pumping Efficiency by Minimizing Friction Losses


Dimensioning pumping-systems is a difficult task: Very much like in sports, where a team’s performance relies on the combination of each player’s individual talents, the efficiency of pumping systems relies on several factors: piping, fittings and, of course, the right pump have to be considered when creating the perfect game.

Imagine a major-league pitcher standing on the mound. He looks in for the signal, starts his windup, rears back and propels the baseball toward home plate. The pitch’s maximum velocity is reached at the moment the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. From that point, studies have shown that the velocity decreases by one mile-per-hour for every seven feet travelled. So, if a pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand at 100 mph, by the time it covers the 60 feet, 6 inches to home plate it will be travelling around 92 mph.

Conversely, if the mound were only 30 feet from home plate, a 100-mph pitch would be moving at 96 mph upon arrival at the plate, making the pitch much more efficient and harder to hit....
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