The Next Decade: Printed and Flexible Electronics in 2010


Exciting Developments - We have entered the second decade since the first printed electronics moved from academia to commercialization. The topic is now incredibly broad, encompassing inorganic and organic chemistries that may or may not be printed today and, judging by the many news sources now available, innovation is growing at a rapid rate. However, where are we in terms of commercialization? What is needed? Raghu Das of IDTechEx takes a look at not only the business of printed electronics, but also at exciting materials developments and opportunities.

However, of the markets in 2010, less than 0.1% of the OLED market consists of flexible devices, flexible photovoltaics are 0.7% of the quoted market and only 10% of the e-paper display market is devices on flexible substrates. Flexible electronics are much more mature for the decades old AC electroluminescence (almost all is made by screen printing), and the many mature markets involving conductive ink printed for heating elements, membrane keyboards, flex connectors,etc....
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