The GAUDLITZ All-in-One Pen

The GAUDLITZ All-in-One Pen: Our new in-house development

We have extended our product range and developed an In vitro diagnostic all-in-one platform technology in pen format for conducting whole-blood-based rapid tests with sample dilution.

The pen is characterized by an integrated sterile automatic lancet. The sample is precisely extracted by using an incorporated capillary tube and transferred to the buffer reservoir zone(s).

There, an optimal sample mixing with the desired buffer/solvent occurs and, following this, the transfer to the actual test strip takes place.

The platform technology offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to the buffer/solvent used, and can be adapted in accordance with customer requirements.

In this way, the user profits from a product that can be easily, speedily and precisely handled, thus reducing errors, without having to make further contributions to the test.