PTI Processing Technogies International, LLC

The Benefits of PTi’s TITAN® and TItan Plus® Start-up Automation and Voice Annuciation

Aurora IL – Sophisticated automation and controls with enhanced features like voice annunciation are among the unique benefits of PTi’s extrusion machinery. The TITAN® PLUS Control system enables operators to consistently run complex sheet extrusion systems across a wide range of operator skill sets that are common in today’s production facilities. TITAN® PLUS control systems include full machine control functions such as start/stop functions, drives, temperature loops, machine status display, alarm/faults status, recipe creation, data logging, trending and print screen functions.

Unique to the TITAN® PLUS control system is PTi’s exclusive automatic AUTORAMP™ process control tool which allows for one-button Startup Coordination of complex multilayer extruded sheet lines. AUTORAMP™ provides advanced capabilities to be preset for ease of line start-up; slow down (crawl) and complete shut down functions. The technology is designed to bring an extrusion system up to a desired level of production through a balanced, harmonized, and quick ramp-up. The Auto-Ramp Module can coordinate as many as 14 different drive motors in a seven-layer co-extrusion sheet line. TITAN® Plus system also allows for complete simulations of line control and operations. Line start ups, shut downs and other functions can be practiced and learned in a no-risk environment.

TITAN® PLUS has another automation feature that has increased efficiency in plants: Voice Annunciation. TITAN®’s voice annunciation will automatically TELL you what triggered the alarm condition. Minor or nuisance type alarms verses urgent alarms are easy to identify. PTi offers the voice system in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Headquartered in Aurora, IL, Processing Technologies, LLC (PTi) manufactures a wide range of single screw extrusion systems for applications that include Sheet, Film, Foam, Compounding, Pipe & Profile and Reclaim Systems. PTi’s machinery is marketed under the brands of TRIDENT® extrusion systems; REVOLUTION® roll stands; GLOBALINE® world standard sheet lines; and TITAN® and TITAN® Plus Integrated PLC Computer Control Systems. Systems are configured for each application based on specific customer requirements and designed with today’s most advanced technology.