Flock Association of Europe e.V.

The Association of the Flockindustry Europe is from now on called Flock Association of Europe (FAoE) e.V.

Reason for the renaming is the increasing Internationalisation of the Association. 52% of our members are settled in Germany. Additional 34% in Europe and 14% outside of Europe. In the committees and working groups mostly English is spoken.

From 1st of June 2010 the new name of the Association will be Flock Association of Europe (FAoE) e.V. The decision about the name took place in our membership assembly in March 2009.

The Flock Association of Europe was founded in 1981 in Büdingen and sees itself as the central representative of the interests of all companies involved in flock-technology.

Our members and interested parties are supported in questions related to the flock technique. As an Association, it is our first priority to popularize the advantages of flock-technology, and moreover develop flocking to make its application safer and more environmentally friendly. By this means we do not only want to improve existing applications of flock, but we also want to initiate new ones and hereby enlarge the market for all members.