Norner AS

Testing durability at extreme conditions

Laboratory manager, Henning Baann and Senior engineer, Roger Didrichsen

Norner demonstrates commitment to the Oil and Gas industry through investments in new test facilities for Norsok M-710.

New investments in test facilities have been installed and methods for testing of non-metallic materials in contact with media related to Oil and Gas production according to ISO and Norsok standards are established. We continue therewith to extended our laboratory for ageing, compatibility and weathering durability with test methods for qualification of systems used in offshore and marine sector.

Norner laboratories can now offer:
Ageing under high pressure and high temperature
• High pressure water / seawater
• High pressure / temp, aggressive fluids and gases
• Rapid gas decompression
• Evaluation of material properties 

Norsok M-710
• Qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and manufacturers
• Compatibility testing, ageing under severe conditions

ISO 2393
• Non-metallic materials in contact with media related to Oil & Gas production, part 1 : Thermoplastic
• Non-metallic materials in contact with media related to Oil & Gas production, part 2 : Elastomers

“These extended capabilities for ageing and durability studies give established and new customers in the offshore industry an even more complete range of competence and capability in material technology” says Tine Rørvik, Managing Director of Norner.

“We are a leading provider of failure analysis and third party material testing and the new tests demonstrate that Norner takes the challenges in oil, energy and marine industries seriously.” Says Henning Baan, Laboratory manager at Norner

Norner engages in product development, research projects, quality assurance, durability testing, failure analysis and consulting through the whole plastics value chain. The labs include advanced test facilities and process pilots with ISO 9001 approval and Achilles qualification.