Teknor Apex Bioplastics division prominent at NPE2012


The Bioplastics Division of Teknor Apex has announced that new technical information and product innovations from Teknor Apex Company will be displayed at the upcoming NPE2012.
The NPE2012 bioplastics program being planned by Teknor Apex includes:

--Innovative Terraloy bioplastic compounds. Products to be highlighted are: 1) injection molding and extrusion grades of high-impact, high-heat PLA compounds that overcome the inverse relationship between heat distortion temperature and Izod impact strength that is typical in standard PLA; 2) compostable blown film compounds, blends of thermoplastic starch and biodegradable copolyester, that degrade more rapidly than the copolyester alone; and 3) PLA-based masterbatches that enhance the processing and end-use performance of PLA, increasing impact strength, enhancing melt strength, and serving as a release agent in molding and extrusion....
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