Teijin outsources phosphorus flame retardant manufacture to Taiwan's Chitec


Teijin Limited (Tokyo) has kicked off mass production of its new FCX-210 phosphorus-based flame retardant began at a 1000-tonnes/year plant operated by Taiwanese additives manufacturer chemical manufacturer Chitec Technology (Taipei).

Teijin is developing FCX-210 applications for enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact in the automotive and electronics fields. Sales are expected to reach JPY4 billion ($33.9 million) by 2018.

After developing FCX-210 in 2013, Teijin signed a manufacturing license agreement with Chitec Technology, which subsequently invested in and constructed a mass-production facility at a cost of NT$400 million ($12.9 million) FCX-210 is a new type of phosphorus flame retardant incorporating Teijin's proprietary molecular design technology. It reportedly enhances flame retardance in a broad range of resins, including acryonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), polystyrene and polyamides in which conventional phosphorus flame retardants are less effective. Only a small amount of FCX-210 needs to be added, helping to maintain the original properties of base resins according to Teijin. It is also halogen-free, an increasing demand among environmentally conscious manufacturers.

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