MAER, S.A. Construcciones Mecanicas

Technological reference in bottle trim

SB high speed trimmer

Maer will present its renewed range of bottle trimmers for single standard bottles.

This range of machinery, MAER’s flagship product range, has been treated to a complete restyling following an exhaustive design process.

The new range, now renamed the SB SERIES, is especially useful for the production of plastic bottles made by blown extrusion for use with foodstuffs (e.g. milk and dairy products), whether in the blowing phase or integrated into the packaging line itself before the bottling machine. 

The principal change made has been the minimisation of the structure or main chassis of the device, with a cubic or cabin-type shape, which gives it a much more aesthetic design.

Apart from the aesthetic factor, this restyling of the structure in cabin form also has the following advantages:
- It significantly reduces the size or “footprint” of the machine in comparison with the previous TC SERIES, an important feature in the present-day industrial scenario where smaller size and compactness is very important.

- Greater accessibility from either side of the machine to the interior of the cabin where the moving parts are situated, along with a greater degree of control and visual inspection of the bottles throughout their route, thanks to the new fully-open design of the cabin.

- Improved ergonomics when changing formats, making adjustments or replacing the cutting blade.
- Lighter format-change parts.

The new SB SERIES range will be present at the K2013 Exhibition with the display of its compact SB3 trimmer for the manufacturing of small blow moulded plastic bottles for single serve drinkable yogurt.