Technical training is easy; learning requires motivation


There have been a few blogs on the problems with implementing Scientific Molding, the resistance to which has been called Pushback. When I teach it's a common problem. When the folks believe in what is taught it's a force multiplier - things get done more efficiently, profits go up, and costs go down. Pushback comes from multiple causes.

Cause #1 - Who was trained
Training seminars go from $250 to as high as $2000 or more (when including the tuition and travel expenses). The price of the seminar is inversely proportional to who is sent. When talking high prices, companies tend to send 'select' people - usually meaning one. Many times this is not viewed as a learning experience, but more of a perk - travel, party, and attend the class. It would be nice if the attendee was required to spend the next two weeks on the production floor teaching what he learned. But that is rarely the case....
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