Technical expertise drives expansion for Axion Polymers


As one of the most advanced plastics recycling facilities in Europe, Axion Polymers operates a complete ‘closed-loop’ recycling service that is able to trace all its 100% recycled products back to the original source material. Successfully recovered and reprocessed, these polymers can be used in a wide range of applications. A fast-growing area of expertise is that of customized compounding, in which the Manchester, UK-based plastics recycler company creates tailor-made recycled polymer grades for customers’ product applications. It is this technical capability in the development of customer-specific compounds that is currently driving expansion, according to Axion Polymers’ Commercial Operations Manager Steve Bell and Product Development Technologist Mark Keenan, who, between them, boast over 40 years’ of polymer compounding experience.

Demand is rising, particularly from the construction, drainage, water and horticultural sectors, for sustainably-sourced and competitively-priced high-grade polymers that can be formulated to match customers’ exact specifications.
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