Tech Mold adds equipment, expands capabilities


Tech Mold Inc., a Tempe, AZ-based mold manufacturer of high-volume, multicavity molds for the medical disposable, packaging (caps and closures), and consumer markets, has invested just under $1 million on new equipment over the past six months.

Equipment purchased includes a new Mitsubishi Wire EDM that is faster than the company’s current equipment. The new machine has an anti-electrolysis generator and cylindrical drive technology that means “zero backlash and zero wear on the ways,” according to Karl Szanto, VP Operations for Tech Mold.

A new Mitsubishi Sinker EDM with Mitsubishi robot has just been put into service. This combination equipment not only upgrades Tech Mold’s sinker equipment, but adding the robot allows the company to perform more lights-out operations to improve productivity.

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