Tech Mold East adds Husky, Milacron machines for multimaterial medical molding

Tech Mold Inc. has expanded capacity and capabilities at its mold/process validation technical center, Tech Mold East (TME). The manufacturer of multi-cavity, multi-process injection molds for high-volume production for the packaging (caps and closures), medical disposable, and consumer industries has added a new Husky Hylectric H400-RS55/50 injection molding machine with 440 tons clamping force and a 19.5-ounce shot size. The machine, put into service in July, is also equipped with several high-performance enhancing features and options that provide value-added support to better meet customers' requirements.

Tech Mold East will also install a new all-electric Milacron NT330 Powerline Maxima injection molding machine in October. This machine is adaptable for both single- and two-shot capabilities, and has an 8.0-oz primary shot size and a 7.6-oz second shot size, as well as a 900-mm rotary turntable.

"We purchased this machine specifically to fill a gap in our clamp-tonnage capacity at Tech Mold East, as well as to accommodate high-cavitation, small parts molds for our medical customers," Vince Lomax, Tech Mold VP said. "The two-shot capability gives us greater flexibility, as well and more opportunities to perform mold testing and process validation in-house."...

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