Talent Talk: Three tips to ace your job interview


Last week we talked about how to write a resume that will get you to an interview, which is the resume's only purpose. So now the company is looking at your concise resume, which highlights your accomplishments and skills, and they want to interview you. Now what?

When many of us think of an interview, we think of a series of questions and answers. The interview is not a fact-finding mission. Actually, how about this; let's quit calling it an interview and start calling it something that is closer to reality - an audition.

Like many of the topics in Talent Talk, we spend a few paragraphs discussing what a thousand books have detailed. You may recall I advised you to save your money on resume-writing books. You have my blessing if you want to read in detail about auditioning skills; it is that important. Right now, I'm going to give you the three best tips I know for acing an audition.
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