Talent Talk: The importance of job stability


This week's topic is a simple one: Job Stability. It is the main thing most of my clients are looking for in a candidate, after the basic education and technical skills. One of my candidates who is interviewing this week had been with the same company for 32 years, her only job after school. She assumed that she would be there for life, but they closed the plant.

This scenario is becoming rarer with each passing year, as the baby boomers are replaced in the workforce by generation X and generation Y and the employer/employee implied contract has dissolved. We discussed this in a previous blog on hiring the older worker (read that post here).

So while the definition of a Stable Job History is changing, that doesn't make the concept any less important to the hiring company. The economics of that are simple. There are considerable up-front costs associated with hiring most professionals, and the longer someone stays with the company, the less those costs are, on an annualized basis. These costs include training, both formal and learning-curve, relocation costs, and recruitment costs. These can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.
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