Talent Talk: Pursue what you love? Wrong! Pursue what pays the bills


I'm not an historian or a sociologist, so feel free to jump in and comment if you think I'm off base here, but somewhere along the line we parents began to do a huge injustice to our children.

I think it started with a generation who were truly inspired to make a better life for their children and future generations. Sometimes called the WWII generation, in workforce terms they are called the Traditionalists. They worked hard, often in physically demanding and dangerous professions, sometimes working more than one job.

They were farmers, factory workers, construction workers, miners, and a thousand other professions. For their children they sought safety, security, education, and the hope of a life better than their own. Now, entire books have been written on this, and I just have a few paragraphs, so let me get right to my point.
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