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Greetings, I am back from a little summer vacation from writing the blog. Wow, what a last few weeks. We've had earthquakes, tornados, a hurricane, and 500 point daily swings in the stock market. I know I would get more comments if I wrote about the Mayan calendar or Nostradamus, but the problem with predicting the end of the world is if you're right you'll never get to say, 'See, I told you so'.

I am left instead with topics related to general business conditions as they affect the plastics labor markets, managing your career, and hiring good people. The plastics industry is still putting bread on the table for nearly a million people in the U.S., and that's actually pretty exciting stuff for me.

So I'm looking forward to the coming months, and I have a list of topics I'd like to discuss, including "resume killers", "quit telling kids to study what they love", interviews with industry executives from companies who are hiring now, and some who will be ramping up in 2012....
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