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Talent Talk is almost 3 months old now, and it has been fun for me. I appreciate all the comments and e-mail I have been getting. Hopefully you know by now not to come here for an affirmation of the dismal business news you get everywhere else, and today's musings will be no exception.

To explain why I am generally so positive, you must remember that I am writing about the sector of the economy that I deal with every day; the degreed, experienced, professionals. I suspect most of the problems underlying the general malaise we've seen for the past few years have to do with things like government economic policies and the growing number of people with far too little education, but that is not my area of expertise.

What I know is unemployment for those with a bachelors degree in the U.S. is historically 2-3%, and virtually zero for those with a technical degree. And the demographics are such that this group will be shrinking for the next 15+ years....
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