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Recently I have had several HR and hiring managers call me, bemoaning that they are having a difficult time closing the deal with top candidates. They are finding people, they say, but in the end those potential new employees are not accepting the offers. In some cases the candidates had competing offers that were better, in one case he received and accepted a counter-offer, and in other cases the people just seemed to "lose interest."

Often this sudden change of heart happens at the end of a process that lasts over a month, wasting a lot of valuable time. To help prevent this from happening, I will share two pieces of advice that I tell all my HR and hiring managers.

First, the main reason a candidate does not accept an offer is that you have not given him or her compelling reason to join your company. Everyone wants to feel they are fairly compensated, but getting a raise is really not why top professionals make a job change. In fact, our company will not work with a potential candidate on a job opportunity unless they have at least one valid reason for making the move, other than money....
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