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This week's Talent Talk picks up where we left off last week, looking at what you as an employee should be doing now to manage your own career. To recap, your future earnings are probably your greatest asset unless you are within 10 years of retirement. You should keep your resume current, including information on the successful projects you work on, recognitions you receive, and the like. Also, be honest in evaluating your current situation.

If you have decided that you should keep your eyes open to potential new opportunities, know which companies in your industry you would like to work for. Which companies are financially stable, what is the culture like, which ones are in the growth markets that interest you and line up with your experience? Keep your eyes open for openings with those companies. If the company is using a recruiting firm its Help Wanted advertisement, if there is one, probably will not include the company name so you'll need to look for key phrases as well, such as "a leading compounder of custom resins", or "a growing molder of disposable medical devices"....
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