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Have you seen the commercials for "The Most Interesting Man in the World?" That's definitely not me, but I might be "The Most Optimistic Man on the Economic Recovery in the World". So I had to skip writing Talent Talk last week because even I couldn't find anything optimistic to write about.

My fervent hope is that the debt crises we have seen around the world in countries including Greece, Spain, the U.S., and Italy will be a wake-up call that we have been going down a very wrong path. The debate now seems to be centered on how to fix the problems rather than kicking the can down the road a generation, so that's a start.

We have been given the privilege to peek behind the curtain at just how grotesquely bloated many governments, and those deriving their livelihood from them, have become. For those with the stomach to not look away, that is....
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