Talent Talk: OLED displays show growth at Plextronics


Recently, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Andy Hannah, President and CEO of Plextronics Inc. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Plextronics specializes in polymer-based materials and technologies for key applications of printed electronics such as organic light emitting diodes (OLED), specifically OLED displays and lighting, as well as organic photovoltaic cells (OPV). Their products include Plexcore polymers and printable inks that are used in developing next-generation, power efficient displays, low-cost, easily available plastic solar cells or item-level radio-frequency tags.

When I asked Mr. Hannah how business is in general for Plextronics, he had a one-word answer: "Great!" How great? They are looking at 2011 revenue that is double that of 2010. Hannah went on to explain "We are seeing continued strong demand worldwide for OLED products used in the development of solutions processed OLED flat panel displays. Examples would be larger versions of OLED displays that Samsung, LG Displays, and others have recently introduced for smart phones."

Founded in 2002 as a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University, Plextronics has grown to around 70 employees, and is selectively adding to its staff this year. Right now they are looking for people who can help them with the scale-up that would come with their aggressive growth plans. They were recently given a boost with an investment from Solvay, their largest minority shareholder.
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