Talent Talk: How's business at KraussMaffei, Paul Caprio?


Last week I spoke with Paul Caprio, president of KraussMaffei Corp. in Florence, Kentucky. Likely KraussMaffei needs no introduction to readers on the PlasticsToday.com site, as the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of injection molding, extrusion, and reaction process machinery, marketing its equipment and services to processors around the globe.

Mr. Caprio is very busy, as you can imagine, but I happened to catch him with a little time to chat as he was traveling back from a customer visit. This particular customer visit illustrates some of the interesting dynamics going on in the plastics marketplace today. A Chinese-owned company, it is opening a plant in Michigan that will supply U.S. automakers, along the way employing U.S. workers and buying U.S.-built equipment.

When I asked how business is in general, Caprio replied, "Our business is outstanding; manufacturing is as healthy as I've seen it, maybe ever. Our 2008 orders were a record level for us, and we have now fully recovered to those levels."
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