Take full control with eGate® Electric Valve Gate Hot Runner System


Synventive is proud to introduce its new, patented eGate high performance electric valve gate system. eGate features breakthrough technology that takes valve gate hot runner molding to the next level by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, acceleration, velocity and stroke. The Synventive eGate has been field-proven in numerous applications to eliminate flow lines on multi-gated parts and quickly resolve imbalance issues.

Available with Synventive’s line of small hot runner nozzles, eGate is well-suited for all injection molding applications that require precision and dimensional stability. Specific production/molding applications for eGate can include multi-shot/multi-material applications, sequential/cascading molding and any parts that require premium cosmetic surfaces. It is ideal for use in all electric and clean room environments.

eGate provides numerous advantages over traditional valve gates, including:
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