Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A Rotomachinery Group


RotomachineryGroup will introduce to the market the new anti-recession machine for rotational moulding: the CRM Series.
As the goal of a strict collaboration between our engineers and more than 500 users of our machines spread all over the world, the new CRM-series machine for rotational moulding is born.
Substantive resources have been allocated to the R&D department by the head office in Italy and in the other producing unit in Canada to come-up with a state-of-the-art machine for users with limited budgets. At Plastica 2010 we’ll provide any info on the renewed heating system, the new opening/closing of the doors of the oven and the innovative assembly conveyor/arm moulds-holder, specific of the new CRM-series.

The RotomachineryGroup not only designs new models but it also makes significant improvements to its wide product range. In December 2009 we have successfully tested the innovative HRM 1800 Rock & Roll machine, with an oven 5500 mm long and a diameter of 2550 mm.
This machine is the only one that allows moulding of very large parts, fully automatic, and the opening of the moulds, loading of material and demoulding parts is done at floor level (no underground pit is required).