TSM Control Systems

TSM Control Systems Sigmablend –accurate dosing for up to 8 components

The TSM Sigmablend provides a "dosing" solution to gravimetric blending and extrusion control for up to 8 components up to 1800 kg/hr. The primary component is gravity fed directly to the extruder throat and the secondary (side fed materials) maintain recipe ratio via auger feeds.

An easy-to-service control module, as shown, contains the entire blender electronics. The 16 line x 40 character back-lit display handles up to 60 pre-programmed recipes, enabling rapid "on-the-fly" order changes.

The system display also provides inventory reporting by component, total weight summaries and current order reports, all keyed with customer and material codes, (time and date stamped). These reports can also be printed via a standard printer.

Easy and fast drainage, cleaning and auger removal are integral to the overall design of the TSM Continuous Blender range. Hoppers are also removable for easy cleaning.

All TSM products utilize the same processor module which is interchangeable, ensuring less downtime, and fewer spare part requirements.

All TSM Continuous Blenders include the facility to interface with manual control inputs from the customer's extruder panel or an optional TSM remote manual interface module.

Monitoring and dosing control of liquid additives is possible with the TSM software.