TEDERIC Machinery Manufacture (China) Co., Ltd.

TRX4000 IMM has the honor to win the 2010 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards of Plastic Industry

Since the beginning of first half of 2010 Jung Technology Innovation Awards of Plastic Industry, it appeals to many famous manufactories from both here and abroad who are participate competitively in the award. Follow the principles of objective and fair, the specialists have an independent and cautiously appraisal. The independent R&D product of Tederic Machinery manufactory (china) co., ltd, the TRX4000, as outstanding contributions to the innovation technology in plastic industry this year, has the honor to win the awards. And the award ceremony has been given in Shanghai on August 10th. Tederic with other famous manufactories , most 120 executive representatives and specialists such as Haitian,Engel,Demage gather together at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel and present at the ceremony, simultaneously share a profound impact and change of the award-winning technologies and products to other plastic manufactories and even the entire industry. We win this award and are inspired increasingly! In the future, we will courage ourselves to make the better and faster as to the opportunity of getting the award, and offer high quality and technology and best service, products to customers.