TPE resin prices, Sept. 10-14: PE flat, PP mixed; Material availability improves, but supplies remain tight


Commodity resin prices were steady to slightly higher, as trading activity improved and widespec availability increased. Plastics spot-trading platform, The Plastics Exchange (TPE) noted that Generic Prime railcars remain elusive, although some material began to appear at the end of the week. Polyethylene (PE) contracts are mostly flat in September. Processors who saw prices only go up $0.03/lb in August will see an additional $0.02/lb added this month, bringing the market up $0.05/lb industry wide for August/September. August polypropylene (PP) contracts followed monomer down $0.015/lb, but seem likely to reverse in September and jump $0.025-$0.04/lb.

Energy markets rallied in active trading, as October crude oil futures pierced above the $100/bbl level for the first time since early May, before easing a bit to settle the week at $99/bbl, a gain of $2.58/bbl. October natural gas futures soared 10% to settle at $2.943/mmBtu on Friday. The crude oil : natural gas ratio expanded further to nearly 37:1....
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