TPE resin prices, March 4-8: PE up $0.01/lb; PP mixed; PP sales lowest since May 2011


Polyethylene prices rose a penny while polypropylene was mixed in the first week of March. The spot resin markets were very quiet, according to spot-trading platform, The Plastics Exchange (TPE), which noted that buying interest was equally limited. Resin inquiries are again emerging from Indian and Asian traders, but high-volume export deals are difficult due to lower prices in those regions.

Energy markets rose, as April crude oil futures started lower early in the week trading below $90/bbl, before snapping back to $91.95/bbl, for a net gain of $1.27/bbl. April natural gas futures recorded their third straight week of gains, adding a hefty $0.173/mmBtu to settle at $3.629/mmBtu on Friday for the highest close since early December. The crude oil: natural gas ratio contracted further to 25.3:1....

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