TPE resin prices, June 18-22: PE flat/down $0.01/lb; PP up for first time in 10 weeks


Polyethylene was steady to a penny lower and polypropylene recorded its first gain in 10 weeks, rising one cent. Spot-trading platform The Plastics Exchange (TPE) noted that commodity resin prices were mixed as material availability tightened last week. Large decreases in contract prices for May and June have more than wiped away the increases implemented during the previous 6 months. The total decrease for May/June PP contracts was $0.255/lb, and while June PE contracts have yet to fully settle, the 2-month total should be $0.12-$0.14/lb. TPE CEO Michael Greenberg said that the last few months saw resin inventory liquidation at the reseller and processor levels, shrinking spot supplies, and leaving some needs unfulfilled as particular grades for prompt shipment were becoming harder to find.
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