TPE resin prices, Jan. 2-6: PE up $0.03/lb; PP flat; PE contracts prompt sticker shock


Spot resin trading started slowly after the holiday break, but activity began to heat up by the end of the week, particularly for polyethylene (PE). Spot-trading platform, The Plastics Exchange (TPE), reported that fresh offers were hard to come by, with generic prime PE cars offered up $0.11/lb reflecting both the December $0.05/lb and January $0.06/lb price increases. Generic prime polypropylene (PP) cars were mostly unavailable, but those which were seen were priced steady to a couple cents higher than those offered near the end of December. Widespec cars for both commodity materials began to flow and prices were dependent on quality. A wide range of prices was also seen from resellers with old resin inventory, as exporters were aggressive and generally eager to gain new orders while U.S. distributors, facing potentially higher replacement costs, moved their prices higher.
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