TPE resin prices, Dec. 19-23: PE, PP down $0.01/lb; Propylene hits lowest price in 18 months


The resin markets were a bit busier in the second-to-last trading week of the year, as suppliers looked to move moderate volumes of railcars ahead of the holidays and year-end. Processors, who have seen a reduced number of spot offers during December, bought much of the well-priced resin that was offered, and some sought to build a buffer for the beginning of January when availability is expected to be tight, as producers will again push price increases, according to plastics spot-trading platform, The Plastics Exchange (TPE).

Energy markets moved in opposite directions, widening the crude oil : natural gas price ratio to a record of 31.7:1. February crude oil futures fully reversed the previous week's results, regaining $5.93/bbl to end the week at $99.68/bbl. February natural gas prices slid further, dropping another $0.027/mmBtu to close the week at $3.147/mmBtu....
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