TPE from Teknor Apex replaces PVC in extruded medical device component


A transparent medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Teknor Apex (Pawtucket, RI) has been selected to replace PVC in the manufacture of a component used in an anesthesia device manufactured by Vincent Medical (Hong Kong), an FDA-registered contract manufacturer serving global medical device OEMs. Vincent Medical was tasked by its customer to find an alternative to PVC for the extrusion of a gas sampling tube, part of an anesthesia delivery and monitoring assembly. The challenge in making the switch was to match or exceed PVC performance in extrusion, assembly, and clinical handling, said Otto To, General Manager,Vincent Medical. The Medalist MD-585 TPE compound from Teknor Apex met those criteria, he added.

"Teknor Apex was well positioned to work with us and our customer to identify the best alternative to PVC, since it is both a leading producer of medical-grade PVC compounds and the developer of an innovative family of medical-grade TPEs for many of the same applications," said To in a press release announcing the news. "Because the customer has enjoyed a good working partnership with Teknor Apex through years of using Apex PVC compounds, it felt very comfortable evaluating the company's Medalist elastomers for the gas sampling tube."
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