TPE-based closures now available for clean applications


Container closures made from a biopharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are now available from AdvantaPure (Southampton, PA), a division of NewAge Industries that is specialized in tubing and molded parts for the life science, food, beverage, and cosmetic sectors. Previously the BioClosures products, typically used in pharmaceutical, biotech, laboratory and other clean applications, were offered only in platinum-cured silicone.

Advantapure closuresAdvantaFlex TPE offers lower absorption and adsorption rates than silicone and is devoid of silicone oils, which are undesirable in some biological processes. As tubing, AdvantaFlex provides weldability and helps eliminate the need for costly aseptic connectors. The material also is heat sealable and features a long life in peristaltic pump applications. Additionally, certain styles of BioClosures, whether TPE or silicone, may be molded with tubing of the same material, creating a leakproof assembly with a single validated material contact surface.
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