Hot stamping on glass:

Replace your enamels by hot stamping:
Hot stamping on previously screen printed glass surface is an economic alternative to the use of gold and silver thermoplastic enamels.
The consumable costs are lower while still getting the same shiny effect for an overall minimized equipment investment.
The glass surface is screen printed with an epoxy ink, then dried at low temperature (80 to 100°C) before hot stamping. It is not necessary to put the decorated objects in an annealing leer; as a result the energy savings are important.
CER offers you several solutions based on rolling and/or vertical stamping: the G400 machine for the alcohol bottles and the QUADRAX.2-G for the cosmetic packaging with production speeds between 2000 to 3000 parts per hour.
Also for complex multicolour artworks, we can offer an alternative solution to ceramic decals using heat transfers directly applied on the glass surface without previous application of a screen printed layer.

Artwork and shape endless combinations

The recent and various evolutions of the mascara shapes make the QUADRAX.2-FIN the compulsory solution of their decoration.
Outstanding capabilities make this machine the right choice for your future development.
Production speed up to 3500 parts per hour.
Laser scan of the mascara bottle shape.
Hot stamping of bottles with polygonal cross section.
Industrial PC with Windows interface for machine control and full parameters storage on hard drive.
Full servo driven moments for high performance and easy control.
Automatic feeding for the mascara bottle using our SF600 stepper feeder.
100% quality control by camera using our CVI© system.

High speed and quality: the perfect combination

Leader in the area of high speed hot stamping machines, CER remains on step ahead with AXCYL machine for decoration of cylindrical objects.
The AXCYL-A2 was exhibited during PLAST exhibition in Milano, equipped for the decoration of plastic or aluminium alcohol closures with production speed up to 7000 parts per hour.
The AXCYL range also covers the field of cosmetic packaging.
The AXCYL-2M2N designed for hot stamping of cosmetic caps or jars up to 6000 parts per hour.
The AXCYL-F1 designed for hot stamping of mascara bottles up to 6000 parts per hour.
The high speed range of CER machines can be equipped with an integrated quality control system: CVI© (Camera Vision Inspection).