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Example of TINA AM
TINA AM for Automotive industry.

┃Pre-assembled & wired system

- TINA AM is Pre-assembled and released system. Therefore, It is reduced problems such as resin leakage because of Hot runner system assembly and immature handling from the customers.
- It is unaffected by Mold base material, strength and machining accuracy etc. so It can be provided a uniform performance and quality of Hot runner.

┃Screw type nozzle assemble
Screw type nozzle doesn’t need to manage nozzle settle part in detailed tolerance so that It makes Plate design and processing with ease.

┃Pneumatic & Hydraulic system
Cooling plate which is installed individually is to prolong the life of O-ring by maximizing cooling efficiency, and structure which can be cooled Pin guide bush at once.
It prevents the possible resin leakage between Valve pin and Pin guide bush.

┃Easy assemble & Maintenance
It needs to cover only clamping plate after settle system down, even when checking the system,
It is available to check inner condition by disassembling only clamping plate.