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We are proud to announce to all our valuable customers that we have tuned up a New decorating system for printing on round, elliptical and square buckets: the M.D.D.S.

The decoration is carried on in 2 steps

Step 1: It is necessary to arrange a digital file with dimensions 1:1 of the subject you want to have on the buckets. Next, the digital file is pre-printed on a web which is then rewound in reels. For this it is necessary to use digital printing presses manufactured by XEIKON (http://www.xeikon.com) which allow to obtain high level quality results as well as a constant and perfect repeatability. The use of Xeikon printers is smooth and simple and it makes possible to arrange very quick product changeovers.

Step 2: Once the reels with the pre-printed images are ready, it is necessary to use the MOSS DDS. By using our new machines DIGICON (for round and conical buckets) and DIGIFLEX (for elliptical and square buckets) it is possible to obtain a perfect application of the pre-printed images on the plastic pails. The final printing result is of very high quality, and ready to pass all the typical tests such as: scratching, tape, water and others. The opacity of this kind of decoration is very high, equivalent or even superior to the opacity offered by silk screen decoration (see the enclosed white and black pail pictures)
This Digital Decorating System has been deeply tested in production for more than 2 years already. In fact Moss, Xeikon, and an European leading manufacturer of pails have been working together during the latest 2 years in order to tune and test in production cycles this new technology.

The result of this has been covered by a Patent (Patent Pending)

It is very important to underline the extreme flexibility of this system which allows to take into consideration small production lots, ie 500 Pcs. In fact in order to prepare the pre-printed images it is not necessary to arrange complicated graphic jobs, screen or plates preparation, long printing machine set ups before starting production. Therefore there are very limited fixed costs and the cost per image remains unchanged, independently from quantity. For small lots the price per image is less expensive than IML
Production speed for round/conical pails, with a printing area of 200 x 800 mm, is 15 ppm approx.

Both Digicon and Digiflex can be connected to our loading / unloading devices with denesting and re-stacking units.

The application fields for this innovative decorating system are many and not only coming from the plastic containers.

For details and offers please get in touch with our commercial staff:

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