THEYSOHN Extrusionstechnik GmbH


TTS 88 / CON 40
The Theysohn group presents 3 solutions for coextrusion.

Theysohn Group, consisting of the companies Theysohn, Topf and Extruder-Komponenten Salzgitter, is an “all-in-one” provider which has developed a unique series of extrusion lines, tools and pipe heads. For more than 10 years Theysohn is engaged intensely with this topic and works on future trends for coextrusion. Now the group offers 3 different and advanced solutions for the industry. Coextrusion is very important for the extrusion market as costs for material can be reduced dramatically. The core of profiles or of pipes is produced from recycled or other cost-effective material. For example: material costs can be reduced by 30 % with the production of 3-layer-pipes.

1. “piggy back solution” for profile coextrusion
The conical extruder (CON 40 or 50) or the CO.32 single screw coextruder is mounted on the main extruder. With the newly developed clamp system for the piggy back solution the adjustment of the coextruder is possible in all directions (up, down, side and angular) therefore a perfect position of the coextruder can be guaranteed. This version is cost-effective and extremely space saving. This piggy back solution can be also mounted on non-Theysohn extruders, of course. Recently Theysohn was technically challenged by British customers as they were interested in modifying their old extrusion lines into co-extrusion lines. Theysohn accomplished this by mounting a conical extruder CON 50 “piggyback” on the existing extruder from competition. These customers were highly satisfied with the result. The requested output was achieved and due to the unique “piggyback” system, shortage of space at the plant was no longer an obstacle. The guaranteed output with the CON 50 conical extruder as coextruder is for PVC window profiles 125 kg/h and for rigid-PVC profiles 150 kg/h. To increase output, Theysohn is now working on a solution for the conical extruder CON 63 as coextruder. In this case a succesful mounting is depending on the size of the main extruder.

2. pillar version for profile tools of all kind
For this type the extruders are positioned next to each other and the coextruder is mounted on a pillar. Theysohn offers solutions for the single screw coextruder CO.32 as well as the conical extruders CON 40 and 50, and is working on a construction for the CON 63 of course.

3. coextrusion for pipe- and siding production
Both extruders are positioned next to each other whereat the coextruder is mounted on wheels and can be moved easily. This solution is suitable for all existing extruders in various combinations. The maximum output for PVC siding coextrusion is approx. 1400 kg/h (1500 kg/h are possible depending on the type of profile) the lines are extruding 45 m/min respectively. Depending on the combination of extruders, pipe head, pipe dimension, pipe material and formulation an output from 400 to 1600 kg/h can be achieved at PVC pipe coextrusion.

The CO.32 single-screw extruder can be used for profile- and pipe extrusion with rigid-PVC, soft-PVC, PA, PMMA and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).