THAILAND: NCPO to increase rubber prices, carefully releasing rubber stocks

Col Winthai said that the Natural Rubber Policy Committee would plan the stocked rubber release carefully and take into consideration all possible impacts, especially those on present rubber prices.

"Initially I was informed that the release, if any, would be conducted gradually with limited amounts. I am confident that there will not be any impact on present rubber prices," Col Winthai said.

He also said that the NCPO and other concerned organizations would try to achieve appropriate rubber prices soon and immediate and long-term measures were planned.

Cooperation from all concerned parties is needed to guarantee fair returns for rubber growers, he said.

Long-term measures include finance for farmer organizations' and general operators' businesses to process rubber and establishing a rubber research institute to plan comprehensive businesses relating to rubber.

On 27 Aug. 2014, the NCPO allocated Bt5.9 billion to improve the national rubber industry in the next ten years as sought by the Natural Rubber Policy Committee.

It plans to end holding excessive rubber stocks, increase the liquidity of rubber growers, and support integrated rubber research.

Source: Daily "Pattaya Mail”, Pattaya City; 28 Aug 2014
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)