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T-two tension controller

t-two tension controller

Developed on the experience of thousands of tension controllers installed all over the world, comes our new T-two tension control.

T-two is a digital tension controller for the automatic regulation of the web tension; provided with a compact and sturdy case, it has been designed to be mounted on a DIN bar inside the electrical panel of the machine and for those customers who take care the costs, but without give up the quality and the precision of our tension controllers.

The core of T-two is the new PID algorithm specifically developed by our engineers to stabilize systems which are not stable.

The new T-two tension control can control all unwinding systems with load cells (both with strain gauge and amplified with current or tension output) and dancing roller.
The device receives an input from the sensor (load cell or dancing roller) and, thanks to a powerful dedicated processor, controls and elaborates the signal; according to the setpoint previously set up by the operator T-two corrects the signal and gives it to the selected actuators: pneumatic or electromagnetic powder brakes (or clutches).

T-two is equipped with two digital outputs, two very adaptable analog outputs which allow the configuration of 12 different modes and ranges and a 0-24V output for the direct management of the electromagnetic powder brakes.