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Swivel joints

swivel joint SJPP

Ganymedâ swivel joints are used wherever liquid or gaseous media must be transported between two points in relative movement. Their ability to turn through 360°, their particularly easy handling and absolute operational reliability, along with their long service life, allow them to be used where hoses no longer meet the operating requirements.

Normally Ganymedâswivel joints are available with threads, flanges or welding bevels. Swivel joints deviating from the standard design are manufactured as a special construction and are specifically adapted to customer requirements. 3D models can be requested at any time.

The rotational ability of Ganymedâ swivel joints is achieved via ball guiding tracks. Special sealing plugs are used to secure the balls and to prevent the penetration of contamination into the bearings. Hermetically sealed designs for underwater applications are possible.

Ganymedâswivel joints are manufactured as standard from the materials 42CrMo4 or 1.4571 up to a nominal width of 700. Beyond that special materials such as Hastelloy and Duplex are also available.