Swiss moldmaker Schöttli acquires U.S. peer Magor


It's a major merger in the medical mold manufacturing market. Mould Technologies Group, parent of Swiss injection moldmaker Schöttli, has acquired Magor Mold. Coupled with its moldmaking business in China, the purchase means the Group now has injection molding capacity across the globe.

Magor is based in San Dimas, CA. Schöttli (Diessenhofen, Switzerland) in Oct. 2008 founded a business in Suzhou, China called s-mouldtech. Schöttli and Magor are on the very high end of the injection mold manufacturing business, making high-volume, precision molds for customers in medical, FMCG and other fields. Magor's customers predominantly are processors of medical parts and disposables while Schöttli caters to medical disposable manufacturers as well as to packaging and plastic cap producers. s-mouldtech specializes in injection molds for caps and closures, thin-wall food packaging and cosmetics packaging. Schöttli's molds often figure in high-end molding cells running at trade shows and open house events, as detailed in our coverage of the company. Magor also has been no stranger to our publications.
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