Sweet smell of plastics: Take micro-sized particles and fragrance, compound, and process


A fragrance supplier has joined with a university spin-off in an exclusive Joint Development Agreement for an additive that can be used to influence the smell of plastics or neutralize previously unacceptable malodors. The companies involved are Seven, the stand-alone fragrance business of fast moving consumer goods company PZ Cusson, and Exilica Ltd., which was formed in 2005 to commercialize work begun at Coventry University.

Exilica employees are working to develop and find commercial uses for micrometer-sized spherical polymer particles (called µ-Sq beads) and sub-micrometer sized hollow silica shells. The JDA brings together Exilica's particle technology with Seven's perfumery expertise, enabling polymer-based products to be given a pleasing fragrance or for negative odors to be neutralized....
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