Sustainable plastics processing: Palram goes green, saves some green, too


In a move to cut its carbon footprint and its operating expenses, thermoplastic sheet extruder Palram grabbed at some low-hanging fruit: low efficiency metal halide lighting at its facility in Pennsylvania. The bottom-line benefits were high, though, as with this one change it reduced its annual energy consumption by an amount equivalent to that consumed in more than 61 average American homes each year.

Palram (Lehigh Valley, PA) has completed exchanging the metal halide lighting for higher efficiency T5 lighting. Motion sensing detectors were installed in some areas of its facility for even greater energy usage reductions. The initial start up and restart time of the T5 lighting is less than 1.5 seconds; this is up to a 160% reduction in start up time and up to a 400% reduction in restart up time versus the metal halide lighting. T5 lighting also has a 20% longer life than metal halide lighting. Longer life also means, long term, less time spent climbing ladders to replace lamps....
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