Sustainability drive shakes up plastics' use at the Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland Clinic is making major changes in how it uses and disposes of plastics as part of a five-year-old sustainability program that has made significant gains in energy and building management.

The Ohio medical center, known globally for its cardiac and other care programs, is now officially reporting data on its compliance with ten principles in the United Nations Global Compact. One index shows that campus wide energy use dropped from more than 300 kBTU per square foot in early 2007 to less than a targeted 250 at the end of 2010. The campus, which now sprawls over a large swath of the East Side of Cleveland, covers 170 acres with 13,000,000 square feet in 50 structures. There are 20,000 employees. The Cleveland Clinic also operates other hospitals, including one opening late next year in Abu Dhabi.
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