SussexIM draws national attention with its Made-In-America Mr. Lid


Made-in-America is garnering more and more attention from the national news media as consumers increasingly prefer American-made products versus those from overseas. A recent study by AARP noted that 72% of consumers in the 50-64 age group say Made-in-America labeling “significantly influences their purchases,” and 81% of that group noted that they buy American because they believe it helps the economy.

SussexIM, a custom injection molder for multinational brand owners, recently launched its first proprietary or “branded” product: Mr. Lid. The food storage container that has an attached living-hinge lid has earned national media attention for SussexIM for its ability to design, develop and manufacture high-value, quality consumer products in the U.S. The company has 65 presses ranging from 25 to 725 tons, with most of the Mr. Lid products being molded in the 300- to 400-ton presses.

Fox Business News spent an entire day recently at SussexIM’s headquarters in Sussex, WI to highlight the innovative design of Mr. Lid and to use Sussex and the product as an example of the increasing trend toward Made in the USA.
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