Survey: Consumers hate throwing away sticky products trapped in packaging


Is there anything more frustrating than throwing away a perfectly good product? For example, toothpaste - you want to get every drop of toothpaste on your toothbrush, but there's only so much you can squeeze out of the package. As a result, you're forced to throw away some of the unused product.

And as proof that consumers hate waste, LiquiGlide (the company that is working to change the way liquids move within packaging) has released survey results that clearly demonstrate consumers' intense dislike of product waste and the extreme measures many of them take to get the last few drops of everything.

Apparently consumers hate waste so much they are even willing to switch brands for ones with packaging that allows them to easily get their products out. LiquiGlide's survey of more than 1,000 consumers asked participants about their attitudes and habits related to the packaging, use, waste and disposal of sticky consumer goods. To conduct the survey, LiquiGlide asked questions that focused on waste awareness and attitudes regarding consumer waste.

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