Sumitomo Demag's Medtec Europe debut: medical micro molding cell


Because first impressions count, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery (Schwaig, Germany) will make its debut at Medtec Europe in Stuttgart (March 22-24, 2011) with a compact cleanroom production cell molding 3.5-mm control knobs unloaded and inspected using a six-axis robot inside the cabinet of the 50-tonne all-electric IntElect molding machine.

Aiming to show the international medical community the efficiency, precision, and reproducibility of its IntElect molding machine series, Sumitomo Demag will be molding four polyacetal (POM) hearing aid 10-mg control wheels with 3.5-mm diameters every 10 seconds in a cold-runner mold designed and built by Stamm AG of Hallau, Switzerland. Total shot weight is just 280 mg. The IntElect series includes eight machines from 50 to 450 tons of clamp force....
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