Sumitomo Demag reports profitability to reach highest level ever this year


At Sumitomo Demag’s Fakuma breakfast press conference, the mood was upbeat. The German-Japanese injection molding machine manufacturer announced that this year, its 50th anniversary in injection molding, profitability would break all records to reach the highest level ever achieved.

Overall, growth is up 7% worldwide. According to Dr. Tetsuya Okamura (CEO) this could be broken down as follows: in Asia, not counting China, sales rose, mainly driven by the company’s excellent position in Japan. China, however, considerable depressed the region’s performance as a whole. By contrast, the European market also showed excellent growth, propelled by the increase in the German market, and, somewhat unexpectedly, Spain and Italy. Sales in Scandinavia are stable, as are those in North America, but Russia declined by 30%. The brand-new subsidiary in Hungary will further expand the business in Central and Eastern Europe; a new hub will be developed in Turkey.
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